What is Aurislim™?

Aurislim™ is a bioenergy magnetic slimming earrings. It combines traditional Chinese acupressure and three advanced scientific innovations: Magnetic Acupressure, Far Infrared Ultrasonic Auriculotherapy and Negative Ionization to achieve positive health benefits such as weight loss, faster metabolism, better rest and sleep, reduction of fats and cholesterol, healthy cardiovascular function and circulation, increase in energy levels, reduction of stress, improvement in the serotonin level to relieve depression and to enhance mood just to name a few of what Aurislim™ can do.


How do I use it?

Aurislim™ is magnetically attached to your ear lobe thus, piercing is unecessary. Simply place the front side and the backside of the earring facing each other and wear it for 3 hours each day.


Does it really work?

We are confident that Aurislim™ works. In our clinical trials, 100% of the test subjects experiences weight loss within the first week of wearing the device for 3 hours atleast each day. Below is the brief test result performed and verified by ETHM ZURICH Research Center:

Aurislim Results - Research Report On The Effectiveness Of Aurislim Slimming Earrings

* The final research report conducted by ETHM ZURICH Research Center is a 28 page report and is available upon request. This test was conducted for a period of 1 month from July 2004 to August 2004.


Is it safe?

Aurislim™ is 100% safe and effective. In our research follow up after 5 years, no test subjects reported any adverse effect related in using Aurislim™. A few portion of our test subjects reported drowsiness as the most common side effect. Therefore, we do not recommend using Aurislim™ before and during driving.


Is it safe for pregnant and nursing mothers?

Aurislim™ does not and will not affect the baby inside the womb in anyway. It will not cause harm to the mother, the fetus or the newborn baby.


How long should I use Aurislim™?

We recommend wearing the device atleast 3 hours a day. Using Aurislim™ for life will provide great health benefits for you and we are confident that you will feel these benefits the moment you start wearing the device. The earrings should last a lifetime and you can enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life.


How much is the product and shipping?

The product is USD $ 34.50 and shipping is free anywhere in the world. You can purchase online with the use of credit card, paypal or sending money via western union or moneygram.


Where else can I buy Aurislim™?

You can only buy Aurislim™ online from this website. Aurislim™ is not sold anywhere else. If you see other websites selling Aurislim™ or something that looks similar, they are selling fake product. We sell occasionally on group buying sites but this is rare. Kindly email us at support@aurislim.com to verify the authenticity of your purchased Aurislim™ from a website or store selling it.


Do you deliver to [My Country]? How long does delivery take?

Yes. We deliver to all countries in the world. Delivery usually takes 10 to 15 working days. We provide tracking number so you can monitor your shipment online. The product will be delivered door to door so there will be no hidden custom charges. The product will be discreetly sent, meaning, the content will not be divulged to protect your privacy. It will only bear your name and address.


Which is better the heart,  flower or circle design?

All of our designs contain the same amount of stones, gems, magnetism, negative ionizers and other important materials and therefore have no difference in its efficacy. Though the heart and circle designs contain only 6 magnets per pair, the magnetic pole it exerts is exactly the same as the flower shaped design and therefore will not give less beneficial effects.


Is there any age limit in using Aurislim™?

None. It could be used by anybody age 7 to 100 without any adverse effect.


Aurislim™ arrived without a box, is it normal?

It means that the customs or a delivery portal checked the item and removed the box. This thing could happen in any product being shipped internationally. As long as the device is sealed and inside its protective pouch, this should not pose any problem. If you received Aurislim™ without any protective pouch, plastic film or seal please report it to us immediately by sending an email to support@aurislim.com


Why does the product feels like plastic?

We received lots of complains from our customers that a simple fall breaks the device into several pieces that is why we applied a plastic resin to bond the material effectively. The resin is made up of thermalite hydroxybond and will not affect the functioning of the stones.


When will the 365-day money back guarantee begin?

The 365-day money back guarantee begins when you started using the product. Not at the time you ordered. This is to make sure you have a 365 day risk free period of using our device. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want to make sure all clients who bought our product is 100% satisfied. If not, We will refund your full purchase back at your credit card or paypal account. Money back guarantee is not applicable with any corresponding promos. It is only applicable upon PayPal purchase of 34.50 USD. It is also not applicable in Western Union or Money Gram payments.


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